SERA’s mission: “The purpose of this security organization is to serve its clients and its employees with integrity and professionalism. If we all work as a team we can accomplish our goals and mutually profit. Each individual should be dedicated to furthering the interests of our clients and our organization.”

Each of our officers is trained in the following areas:

  • Must have Certificate of Fitness for Coordinator of Fire Safety and Alarm Systems in homeless shelters (F-80).
  • Must have First Aid and CPR certifications.
  • To the extent permitted by law, must not have a criminal record (court permission is acceptable).
  • A strict code of ethics, confidentiality, trust, integrity, courtesy and honesty must be adhered to at all times.
  • All officers work on a team with the interests of clients at the forefront of daily operations. Our officers are well groomed and always present at their post to assist clients with any needs.
  • All security officers are trained in how to effectively handle flooding, suspicious packages or any other threat to security and safety that may arise.
  • While unarmed, officers are equipped to stop alleged perpetrators or criminals in the event that a crime serious or minor has been committed.
  • Officers are also trained to observe a situation and take proper notes in order to assist law enforcement officials in solving crimes and catching alleged criminals.
  • A log book is always kept on the premises that security officers contribute to during each shift so that no movement goes unnoticed at the facility or surrounding property.

Most importantly, our officers are trained to know what to do and what information to record during a potential bomb threat. Our officers know how to deal with a caller and how to expeditiously report the threat to local, state and government security authorities to end the threat and keep you safe.